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Infaq Fi Sabilillah In Urdu Pdf 54 [Updated]




A Syrian businessman, who could not be named, calculated that he would need to pay this amount to the state at least six times a year for each of his employees. At the time, the exchange rate between the dollar and the Syrian pound was on a par with the dollar-to-pound rate set by the International Monetary Fund. Under the IMF rules, an employer's obligations to pay this share to the state rise with the size of his company. Mr. Abdullah said that he had calculated the amount due based on the report of his accountant to ensure compliance with the law, but he noted that the figure was not much lower than the reported income of the state. "The government should care of its people's needs," he said. Sisters' rights The sisters' rights convention was adopted on October 19, 2003 in the United Nations General Assembly by a vote of 164 to 15 with 41 abstentions. This convention, as well as the women's rights convention, were passed by consensus. In March 2005, the Security Council, with a vote of 16 to 0, called on all states to take the necessary steps to ensure that the rights of women are respected and to combat all forms of violence against women. Human rights activist In 2002 he was involved in the Syrian human rights campaign. In April 2002, he contributed to the signing of an agreement on "the Elimination of Arbitrary Detentions, Restricted Freedom of Movement, Ill-Treatment and Torture and Abuse of Prisoners", which was signed by the Government of Syria. The agreement was later incorporated into the 2004 Human Rights Declaration of the Arab League. 2009 Syrian uprising In February 2009, the Syrian Commission for Human Rights issued its report on the human rights violations during the crackdown on the anti-government protests in Syria. It noted "violations of the human rights of hundreds of thousands of detainees" which it blamed on "a series of decisions made by the government that were designed to lead to mass killings and repression in the wake of the events of 11 March 2008." It also said "widespread torture of protesters was used by security forces to force confessions from detainees, and in some cases was used to intimidate detainees and their families." The Commission found that at least 6,772 people were killed during the protests, and more than 14,000 people injured. About 400 people were sentenced to death, and more than 13,000 arrested. The Commission noted that more than 70 per cent of all deaths were "




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Infaq Fi Sabilillah In Urdu Pdf 54 [Updated]

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