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Download Hannah Montana The Movie English Subtitle flawraf




Hannah gets picked up by three boys who eventually offer to fund the recording of an album. Hannah agrees to them. The band names themselves The Vamps and Hannah is eventually picked to be their frontwoman. She soon finds herself in the spotlight and is courted by famous media outlets. After a while, the boys start to ditch Hannah but she is later rescued by famous DJ Trevor Mars, who tells her that she is going to be famous as a result of her songs. Soon after, Hannah's father is diagnosed with cancer and has to go to the hospital. Hannah goes to visit him and sees a girl who reminds her of her. Hannah then learns that her father's new friend, Miriam , is the granddaughter of Hannah's aunt. Hannah is saddened to find out that her father has written his will in a way that he will not be around for Hannah to see her and her family. Hannah then performs on her first big show, which was a special edition of The Voice, but the Vamps are competing against The Wanted and the decision is not decided by the viewers. The next day, Hannah returns to visit her father but he has died. Hannah then finds out that the new girl in town, Esther , is the one her father was talking about all along. Hannah meets up with Esther, who is on her way to her grandparents' funeral, and discovers that Esther is also the new girl's cousin. They spend time together at the funeral and Esther convinces Hannah to audition to be on The Voice. Hannah gets on the show and wins by a landslide. At the final round of the show, Hannah and Trevor perform their duet together. Hannah's father appears in the audience and tells Hannah that he will see her at the end of the show. Hannah finds Esther and tells her that she is going to be famous. Hannah's family then live happily ever after. Cast Hannah Hollander - Miley Stewart Esther Shaw - Esther Sarah Willard - Sarah Ryan Hawthorne - Ryan Dan Kneen - Danny Michael Fenton - Dan's father Reception Critical reception for Hannah Montana: The Movie was mostly positive. Film critic Roger Ebert, who is a fan of Hannah Montana, gave the film a positive review, writing: "Hannah Montana: The Movie has exactly what Hannah Montana should have: a perfectly fashioned world. Its action, effects and dialogue are as flawless as that world, as anything on television is wont to be. It




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Download Hannah Montana The Movie English Subtitle flawraf

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